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A second Gold Coat casino site is imminent

Operators of MGM Grand are one of the casino heavyweights interested in the Gold Coast License


Club Queensland is conceding that that a second casino on the Gold Coast is now almost inevitable.

It says that discussions with the state government have revealed that one of two remaining casino licenses is sure to be granted for a second casino operation in the Gold Coast region.

This comes after a meeting between Tourism Minister Kate Jones and several high-rollers in the Las Vegas casino industry.

All of this was detailed in a report filed with the state parliament.

According to Ms Jones, the meetings were primarily concerned with a casino operation linked to the Global tourism Hub proposed for Cairns.

However, several major Las Vegas casino operators were interested in the upcoming Gold Coast offering.

The state government plans to run out the Cairns operation first, about 12 months ahead of the Gold Coast.

Ms Jones said a number of the world’s leading entertainment companies were keen to invest in Queensland.

“Our Global Tourism Hubs policy is about developing new tourism infrastructure to attract more visitors who stay longer and spend more in our state,” Ms Jones told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“That’s what we’re doing with Queen’s Wharf in Brisbane — a project that will bring 1.4 million extra visitors to our state every year. This project will also create 2000 jobs during construction and 10,000 jobs once it’s up and running.

“Genuine Global Tourism Hubs derive more than 65 per cent of their income from entertainment and restaurants, not from gaming.

“We’re currently in market for proposals for a Global Tourism Hub in Tropical North Queensland.”

However, Clubs Queensland CEO Doug Flockhart said his group would fight against a second casino on the Gold Coast.

“The Government is courting Caesars and MGM to open a new casino on the Gold Coast,” he told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“But there is no real business case for that given the majority of customers for Australian casinos, between, 60 per cent to 80 per cent, are locals.

“A second casino would just steal customers from the existing casino and pubs and clubs and start a turf war with no real growth.”


19th July 2018