SHEF Vegetable Butter Replacer

Deliver Full Flavour to food at Greater Value with SHEF Vegetable Butter Replacer

If you require a vegetarian option to butter but one that still tastes as great, look no further than Shef!

 Shef is a premium quality 100% vegetable butter replacer – it melts and preps like butter but is cholesterol free, dairy free and far more economical.  It comes in a 10kg tub and truly offers value for money. Not only that, it’s also Halal certified.

Shef is ideal for cooking up rich buttery tasting dishes including baklava and filo pastry, crepes, hollandaise and butterscotch sauces and even for pan frying. It’s also a popular ghee substitute.

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2nd July 2015

Peerless Foods : Oils, Spreads & EOI Bakery

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