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Welcome to your complimentary subscription to Australia and New Zealand's oldest and most respected wine publication - Winestate Magazine.

In 1978 when Winestate Magazine began it was to set the benchmark for other industry publications to try and match.

More than 30 years later, many of those other publications have been and gone while Winestate has remained the leading independent wine magazine for Australia & New Zealand.

When Winestate was first produced, Australia had less than 200 wine and brandy producers and New Zealand significantly less. It was not impossible for a serious taster to get to know most of them.

Today, there are more than 3,000 wine producers across the two countries. That's more than ten times as many!

Winestate is trusted by its 100,000+ readers to deliver 100% independent credible wine reviews - always judged blind by a three-person panel of winemakers and wine professionals. Now judging over 10,000 wines every year, Winestate is the only Wine Buyer's Guide you need. Enjoy the magazine and feel free to visit us at http://www.winestate.com.au



8th August 2017

Winestate Magazine : Australia & NZ

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