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Whether baking a traditional pie or a delicate dessert our delicious golden, flaky pastry is what you need. It offers the convenience of a ready to use pastry in a range of different styles and formats. You can have confidence that Pampas will give you perfect pastry time and time again.

 Pampas Ready Rolled Rolls

GoodmanFielder puff pastry frozen roll

Pampas Frozen Dispenser Roll Puff Pastry

Made with premium wafer flour, Pampas Puff Pastry is a high rise, crisp, flaky pastry which is suitable for savoury and sweet dishes. A crisp, light pastry consisting of paper thin layers of dough and margarine. Ideal for pies, sausage rolls and pasties.


Goodman Fielder ready rolled butter puff pastry

Pamapas Frozen Dispenser Roll Butter Puff Pastry

Premium Pampas Butter Puff Pastry is golden in colour. A soft pliable dough when defrosted.


Goodman Fielder Pampas Dispenser roll shortcrust pastry

Pampas Dispenser roll Shortcrust Pastry

A continuous roll of cream coloured Pampas Shortcrust Pastry. Shortcrust and pie base are identifiable by a layer of green film.


Goodman fielder dispenser roll pie base

Pampas Dispenser Roll Pie Base

A continuous roll of cream coloured Pampas Shortcrust Pastry. Shortcrust and pie base are identifiable by a layer of green film packaging.


Pampas ready rolled sheets

Goodman Fielder ready rolled puff pastry

Pampas Ready Rolled Puff Pastry Sheets

Easy to handle butter puff pastry in a sheet format. A versatile pastry suitable for both savoury and sweet dishes.


Pampas fast thaw puff pastrt

Pampas Fast Thaw Puff Pastry Sheets

Easy to separate and fast to thaw, these frozen pastry sheets are for use in savoury and sweet pies, pastries and slices.



Pampas ready rolled homestyle shortcrust

Pampas Ready Rolled Homestyle Shortcrust 

Shortcrust is a tender, crunchy, melt-in-mouth buttery pastry. Once baked it is a light, crumbly, easily broken and short pastry.


Pampas Frozeen Fillo Pastry

Pampas Frozen Fillo Pastry

A unique, delicate, tissue-thin, opaque finish which creates beautiful quiches, strudels, pies, tarts and cakes.


Pampas Pastry shells

Pampas Frozen baked pastry shells



Pampas Pastry Shells

A wide range of ready to use, golden shortcrust pastry shells in convenient sizes and styles, complete with alfoil liners. Available in baked and un-baked formats, each shell is ready to be filled with the recipe of your choice.




December 6th 2016



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