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Drunk man crashes ute through outback pub to get more booze

A drunk man frustrated that a relative hadn’t been able to buy more alcohol crashed his ute through an outback hotel risking the lives of eight patrons in an effort to create his own “drive-through”.

A court has heard how Oodnadatta man Caleb Warren had been drinking heavily with relatives in the days leading up to his brain snap in 2017.

District Court judge Gordon Barrett heard that the 28-year-old father-of-three had lost control of his senses after his uncle went to the Transcontinental Hotel to get more alcohol but returned empty-handed.

“You plainly became very angry … you got into your utility and drove erratically and dangerously around the town,” Judge Barrett said.

After doing a number of burnouts, Warren then drove his car directly at the hotel despite two women sitting outside. The women ran for their lives, as he ploughed into the hotel knocking three people off the stools they were sitting on.

Judge Barrett said Warren had endangered the lives of four patrons and four staff members who were at the hotel.

“You can have no idea whether you would have killed anyone as you drove through the hotel,” Judge Barrett said. “There was no way you could have seen who was inside.”

Warren then tried to fight witnesses who rushed to the scene.

The hotel was forced to pay a damage bill of more than $31,000 as it couldn’t afford insurance.

“You have done nothing about offering restitution although it is plain that you are not in a position to make any restitution,” Judge Barrett said.

Warren must adhere to the terms of a two-year good behaviour bond or be called upon to serve a prison term of three years and eight months.




12th February 2019