Mission Foods – Tortilla Wraps, Corn Chips, Pizzas, Pita Breads & International Flatbreads


Mission Foods is one of the world’s largest tortilla, flatbread & corn flour producers and is engaged in the production, marketing, distribution and sale of Tortillas and Wraps corn and wheat flour, Corn Chips, Pizza Bases, Pita and International flatbreads and Salsas.

Mission Foods has become the supplier of choice through its strong commitment to the Foodservice industry and extensive range specifically developed for the Foodservice customer. All products are made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure a consistent superior and authentic taste for all occasions.

Mission Foods range includes a vast selection of Gluten Free products as well a selection of products that are suitable for Vegans.

Mission Foods extensive range is ideal for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes or Corporate Functions. For further information visit http://www.missionfoods.com.au or contact Mission Foods on 1800 641 529.


Mission Taquitos

Looking for a new on-the-go or catering menu item? Introducing Mission Taquitos, Spanish for Small Taco!Gluten Free and Vegetarian they are a tasty flavour combination encased in a corn tortilla that customers will love!   Authentic Mexican tapas, Spanish for Small Taco Vegetable Taquitos – a tasty flavour combination encased in a corn tor...

Mission Tortilla Wraps

Mission Tortilla Wraps are available in a range of sizes, flavours and nutritional variants. Theyʼre the easiest way to turn favourite fillings into the perfect wrap!   Features & Benefits: Superior range & quality. Convenient bread substitute - Convenient & portable. Nutritional variants available, such as Gluten Free...

Mission Gluten Free Range

With an estimated 28% of the population following a Gluten Free diet, it is important that you are able to meet the demands of this lucrative market. Mission offers a vast range of great tasting Gluten Free products, perfect for your restaurant or café.    Features & Benefits: Variety of products to suit multiple Gluten Free m...

Mission Corn Tortillas & PCUF’s

Mission Corn Tortillas have an authentic Aztec flavour that can't be matched. Made with our own Maseca® corn flour - the highest quality corn flour available for superior taste and performance. Our Pre Cut Unfried Corn Chips (PCUFʼs) make a great gluten free corn chip that can be made to order and seasoned immediately to taste. Excellent portio...

Mission Pizza Bases

Great pizza begins with a great base! These delicious Mission Pizza Bases are ideal for any type of function, especially where quick preparation times and delivery is needed. Versatile and convenient, Mission Pizza Bases make it easy to create quality gourmet pizzas.   Features & Benefits: Convenient and cost effective, prepare only...

Mission Pita Breads

Versatility is important in menu options and there are few others that are as versatile as Pita Breads & Pockets. Mission Pita Breads are an innovative alternative to the traditional sandwich and can be used for lunch, dinner or snack menu items or as a dip accompaniment.   Features & Benefits: Range of flexible sizes for vary...

Mission International Flatbreads

International flatbreads are an easy and quick solution to give you an authentic bread that can be used for your dips, curries or tapas. The perfect accompaniment to any meal.   Features & Benefits: NAAN AND ROTI BREAD: Great full flavour. Toast for best results, cut into strips for tapas. Once heated can be rolled or wrapped...

Mission Foods – Tortilla Wraps, Corn Chips, Pizzas, Pita Breads & International Flatbreads

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