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Pratica Copa Express Oven

J.L.Lennard - Pratica Copa  Express Oven

Pratica Express speed ovens are the smart cooking solution.

With infrared, dual microwave and impingement technology, the Pratica Express speed ovens are your faster than a bullet.

Ovens come standard with a aluminium paddle, baking stone, black basket, usb and operations manual.



  • Full colour capacitive touchscreen display with intuitive software
  • Advance cooling design eliminates side vents and louvers allowing zero side clearances
  • Easy access and removable catalytic converter -this design allows cleaning and maintenance to be performed by the end user
  • Manual cooking mode allows quick and instinctive cooking for unexpected menu items
  • Infrared bottom heating element with independent temperature control
  • Easy access and removal of the electrical compartment air filter
  • The intuitive software can display and operate in multiple languages
  • Includes a daily cleaning function that cools the oven to safe temperatures and then prompts the end user through the recommended cleaning steps Note: Zero Side clearance required