A premium lunch roll range, perfect for springtime takeaway

With a huge proportion of the country creating takeaway and grab-and-go meals there has never been a better time to embrace the humble lunch roll.

Tip Top Foodservice has a huge range of lunch rolls, from the classic sandwich sub (in white and multigrain) to crunchy baguettes to perfect paninis.

All are available frozen nationally via foodservice distributors and have a 12 month frozen shelf life (so it means no waste if there is a snap lockdown). The rolls are quick to defrost so you thaw and serve as you need and are frozen soon after baking to lock in the freshness. 

One of their newer products, the Speedibake Vietnamese Roll is proving very popular with customers making banh mi, gourmet hot dogs and carvery meats. It can be flash-baked for that extra crunch and has a soft, smooth texture. 

If you’re looking for something to create some gourmet toasties you should try out the Speedibake Panini Lunch Roll. Made with an authentic recipe, it has a light texture and is stone baked. It’s perfect for toasted sandwiches and open melts.   

Tip Top Foodservice has also got a range of soft Turkish rolls (in both round and oval) that are made the authentic way, so their perfectly leavened every time. All of their Turkish products have a 12 month frozen shelf life and they are quick to defrost so you can thaw and serve as you need (to reduce waste), perfect for healthy grab-and-go lunches or a classic bacon and egg roll.

You can request a sample on any of Tip Top Foodservice's product pages:

Panini Lunch Roll 

Soft Turkish Oval Lunch Roll 


Soft Turkish Round Lunch Roll


Vietnamese Roll


26th October 2021

Tip Top Foodservice : Bakery Products

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