Take work off your hands with commercial dishwashers from Miele

Everything has to be just right when your guests arrive for a pleasant evening. From the atmosphere and the food right through to sparkling glasses.

We ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background to ensure that you can focus on the important things. Clean crockery and cutlery in record time, spotless glasses without the need for polishing.

Miele Undercounter tank dishwashers

Short cycles & excellent cost efficiency.

  • Ideal for bars, restaurants and hotels
  • Ideal for glasses, crockery, cutlery and bulky loads
  • Spotless glassware – without the need for polishing
  • Highly economical thanks to low consumption

Sparkling results – hygienically clean

Our dishwashers guarantee spotless results. They not only wash thoroughly clean: fresh water dishwashers in particular produce particularly hygienic results on account of multiple water intake cycles and high final rinse temperatures.



In a working environment, crockery turnaround times need to be very fast. Our dishwashers with their short cycles ensure precisely that. Depending on the application, we have the right solution – no matter whether you wash 5, 20 or 100 times a day!


Easy to use 

Alongside reliable workmanship, the simplicity and intuitiveness of our machines are your benefit. Even unfamiliar employees can get to work immediately and ensure clean crockery in next to no time.


Excellent cost-effectiveness

Optimise your operating costs with a solution that matches your application. Low energy and water consumption ensures high-level energy efficiency. Heat recovery from waste air (optional; depending on model) cuts running costs by 20% and also ensures a considerable improvement in the microclimate at the place of installation. 



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16th September 2021

Miele Professional

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