Miele de-creases laundry load with the PIB 100 steam ironing system

The compact combination of iron, steam generator, handheld steamer and ironing table brings together the best of two worlds: as practical as a domestic appliance and yet powerful, fast and durable to perfectly master the challenges of commercial use.


Introducing the PIB 100 steam ironing system from Miele Professional.

This steam ironing system perfectly complements washing machines and dryers as used in many hotels and restaurants. In fact - anywhere where commercially used textiles such as uniforms, workwear, aprons or the personal outerwear of guests need to be laundered professionally!

For uninterrupted work, the PIB 100 comes complete with a large, 4.5 l water tank and automatic descaling and rinsing. Thanks to rapid heating, the PIB 100 is ready to use fast, and is also mobile and easy to relocate. This is achieved through integrated castors and the fold-away mechanism which allows the ironing board to be stowed away when not in use.

The customisable working height on the Professional Ironing Board can be infinitely and effortlessly adjusted – depending on the user's stature – to between 83 and 102 cm.

The capacity of the tank allows long, uninterrupted ironing, whereby the amount of water used is dictated by the ironing temperature and steam delivery. The tank, which is simple to remove, is easily filled with tap water. Thanks to a special coating on the boiler, the PIB 100 can be operated for around one month, depending on the hardness of the water supply, without the need for descaling. The system calculates the point at which descaling is necessary automatically, and notifies the user accordingly.


Limescale doesn't stand a chance - thanks to automatic rinsing

Also exclusive to Miele is an automatic rinse function which prevents any build-up of limescale in the steam generator. Rinsing removes mineral residues introduced with the water. These intervals, too, are calculated by the machine and are related to the amount of water evaporated. Display controls with plain-text graphics present the various functions in a simple and intuitive manner and make for easy selection.

The new ironing table features a resilient cloth cover specifically developed to meet the high level requirements in commercial operations. As is the case with Miele washing machines and dryers, the hand iron features a honeycomb soleplate. The sculptured hexagons distribute steam across the entire soleplate, with the cushioning film this creates allowing the iron to glide gently over textiles in all directions. Rounded edges simplify the smoothing of cuffs and other difficult parts of garments, producing results you can be proud of!


Air cushion protects delicate fibres

When the iron is connected and steam generation is active, the board surface is automatically heated to prevent the formation of condensate. An integrated fan inflates the ironing board cover to form a cushion to protect delicate fabrics. This prevents seams leaving impressions behind on textiles, and this cushion of air even allows delicate fibres such as wool to be ironed gently without them being pressed flat.

The handheld steamer included with the steam ironing system assists to process hanging garments such as blouses and blazers, which are ironed without contact with the soleplate. This versatile device is also ideal for finishing other delicate fabrics such as curtains.





10th August 2021

Miele Professional

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