High Performance, Ventless, Compact Cooking Equipment

J.L.Lennard - Cooking Equipment

Pratica Ovens are a unique range of high performance, ventless and fully programmable cooking equipment.

J.L.Lennard - Cooking Equipment

Pratica Chef Express

The Chef Express rapid cook oven utilises a combination of convection heat, high speed impinged air, bottom infrared, and precision microwave to reduce cook times by more than 80% with chef-quality results.

Chef Express ovens are equipped with a removable catalytic converter, which break down grease-laden vapours allowing for ventless operation.


J.L.Lennard - Cooking Equipment

Practica Rocket
Express Oven

 J.L.Lennard - Cooking Equipment

Pratica Copa
Express Oven

Pratica Express speed ovens are the smart cooking solution. With infrared, dual microwave and impingement technology, the Pratica Express speed ovens are your faster than a bullet.

Ovens come standard with a aluminium paddle, baking stone, black basket, usb and operations manual.

4th May 2021



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