Miele reveals the moth myth

Miele - Moth Myth

It would be easy to blame these winged warriors for the random holes that mysteriously appear in our clothes. However, it is often the choice of washing machine to blame.

We’ve probably all experienced it. Buy a new top and next thing you know a little round hole appears in it. The first thought people have is that they’re experiencing a moth infestation, and the holes are a result of the moths’ larva feasting on the material. But in many cases, it’s actually their washing machine having a nibble.

In most washing machine brands, the spin cycle forces small parts of the clothing through the drainage holes on the inner drum, where they catch on the outer drum, creating holes. Also, when washing machine drums are manufactured, sharp edges are often left on them due to low quality control. When clothes, bed linen and towels are washed and reach the side of the drum, items get snagged, again creating holes. The truth is that if your washing machine is made by a brand that doesn’t do enough to avoid snagging, the machine is just as likely to be the culprit. And given that moth larva only feeds on fibers of animal origin such as cashmere, silk and wool, holes in clothing made by any other material, such as cotton, is more likely to be a result of the washing machine drum.

Miele - Moth Myth

People can avoid clothes getting snagged by washing machine drums if they choose a brand that takes precautions against clothing damage in the machine’s design. Miele’s patented honeycomb drum ensures excellent cleaning performance and very gentle treatment of textiles. The sculptured structure of the honeycomb drum creates a thin film of water between the drum and the laundry. The laundry glides gently on this film and is perfectly protected, reducing contact with the holes. Not only that, the drums are double checked for metal snags in the factory by rubbing a silk stocking on the inside - so even when clothes do touch the edge of the drum, there’s no chance of snagging.

Miele’s Little Giants washing machines and dryers for commercial use always deliver high performance. Featuring the patented Honeycomb drum, they help you to make light work of mountains of laundry with their space-saving and robust, long-lasting built and simple controls. What's more, there is no match for their speed; the complete cycle of washing and drying only takes 85 minutes.


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3rd December 2019

Miele Professional

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