Barker’s Professional Bakery Range

Barker's Fruit Silk

High quality, great tasting, cost effective bakery solutions.

Barker’s Professional have an extensive breadth of bakery products and range of flavours within each category offered. 


  • All Barker’s Professional bakery products are; Gluten Free or Gluten Not Detected.
  • Additionally, all products are free from nut contaminants as our production site is a nut free site.
  • Some Barker’s Professional bakery products are Vegan Suitable.





Barker's Patisserie Filling


Barker's Professional Bakery Range

Fruit Patisserie Fillings

These fillings are soft glossy premium fruit fillings with excellent fruit structures. These are ideal for any high quality bakery or dessert application.
(15 varieties)


Patisserie Crème

A smooth, silky custard style filling which can be used in any shelf stable bakery or dessert application.
(1 variety)

Barker's Professional Bakery Range  

Barker's Professional Bakery Range

Classic Cremes

These indulgent fillings add excitement and value. These delicious fillings will ensure that your customers keep coming back for more. (3 varieties)


Fruit Silk

These fillings are smooth, creamy mousse fillings that contain real fruit (3 varieties).



Barker's Hotsett® & Classic Crème


 Barker's Professional Bakery Range

Hotsett Crème

These fillings are developed  to be highly stable when heated, and when cooled allow for a perfect cut (ie: no slumping or oozing).
These fillings are both bake and freeze thaw stable. (3 varieties)


Fruit Curd

A soft, creamy traditional curd made with fruit, eggs and butter (1 variety)



Barker's Professional Bakery Range  


Fruit Mince

A premium, high fruit content fruit mince with a delicious ‘home made’ flavour and proven acceptability.




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