Make your barbecue stand out from the crowd

How to Select Meat for your Barbecue:

At Victorinox, we enjoy a good barbecue as much as anyone.

There’s a simple pleasure to be found in grilling a sausage over an open fire in the forest, as well as in hosting a big barbecue for family and friends.

Our knives can help you take your grill skills to the next level – with precision blades for prepping meat or vegetables, sturdy and reliable helpers for use on the barbecue itself, as well as super sharp carving tools for slicing and serving the meat.

Victorinox - BBQ

Victorinox - BBQ

Victorinox - BBQ


Meet the meat expert Darren O’Rourke, Head butcher at Victor Churchill in Sydney and learn more about how to prepare your meat and vegetable for the perfect BBQ experience. 

Victorinox - BBQ 

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14th May 2019

Victorinox Australia

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