Enhance your menu with Praise Dressings

Need some inspiration to keep your customers coming back for more?

Here’s a few good reasons why you should choose Praise…

  • Praise now delivers even better taste and real flavour to bring out the best in your food every time
  • Great variety with improvements to your old favourites and exciting new flavours like Aioli & Southwest to add versatility to your meals
  • Made with quality ingredients for better flavour and better taste
  • Ready to serve – guarantees consistent quality and is more cost effective without compromising on taste
  • Improved packaging ensures ease of use and better storage


    Introducing Praise Tangy Tomato Dressing
Smooth pourable tomato dressing, tangy with a hint of spice.
Prepared from the finest quality ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavours.
Conveniently delivers great taste and consistent quality every time.
Adds zest to salads, burgers, soups and casseroles.

Coleslaw Dressing
Classic and creamy, with a hint of mustard. Ideal for: Salads - coleslaw, potato, rice bean or pasta salads, adding to sandwich fillings, a replacement to mayonnaise.

    Caesar Dressing
Creamy blend of authentic parmesan, cheddar and cracked black pepper. Ideal for: Dressing for salads, wraps, burgers and even schnitzels.
      Ranch Dressing
Savoury dressing for chicken and steak seasoned with herbs and spices. Ideal for: Salads, sandwiches or wraps and great as a dipping sauce for chips/wedges or chicken wings/chicken strips.
    Southwest Dressing
Southern style dressing spiced with cumin, paprika, garlic, pepper & lemon juice. Ideal for: Salads, burgers or wraps with ham, chicken or salad and excellent as a spicy dipping sauce.
      Balsamic Dressing
With vinegar from Modena, with a hint of fresh garlic. Ideal for: Adding extra flavour to any salad or side dish.
    Italian Dressing
Classic blend of Italian herbs and a splash of lemon juice. Ideal for: Creating tasty beef, lamb or chicken salads or used as a base for cold meats and seafood.
      French Dressing
Specially blended vinaigrette, with fresh garlic and chopped parsley. Ideal for: Salads - green, warm and pasta salads, dressing plates or use as a base to make variants such as ‘basil & mustard’.



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