UNOX - Data Driven Cooking

UNOX CHEFTOP & BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ Ovens are the most highly performing tools inside your professional kitchen because they allow you to achieve high level cooking and baking results and, at the same time, benefit from real advantages in terms of time, energy and labour.

Thanks to their smart technology it is possible to achieve any kind of cooking result, from steaming to browning, from baking to grilling, with savings that can reach up to 75% compared to traditional ways of cooking.

In order to make Unox Technologies even more profitable, we have applied Industry 4.0 to our top of the range combi ovens, the CHEFTOP & BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ .We call it Data Driven Cooking:

UNOX Ovens, connected to Internet with Data Driven Cooking Technology, collect data, process information and suggest useful and personalized suggestions (like new recipes or custom-made cooking/baking processes) which translates directly into new dishes for your menu.

Data Driven Cooking will also collect data on energy consumption, water consumption, cooking time, door opening time and washing; the data is then transformed into concrete, measurable and useful information in order to help you to eliminate any kind of waste and increase your daily profit.

With Data Driven Cooking, UNOX CHEFTOP & BAKERTOP MIND.Maps™ become so much more than just a piece of equipment; they become a real business partner who will help you to build your success.

Closer to You. Closer to your success.

October 3rd 2017



UNOX : Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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