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Why use our Thaw and Serve range?

What makes our fully baked range unique, is the true artisan baking process. Our range is baked in the traditional stone-baked way, giving you that authentic artisan feel.

Unlike other products, our range has one purpose only – to thaw and serve! Using all the superior quality ingredients you’re used to from our artisan range, we know the finish you’re looking for, so we created it especially for you!

Why use fully baked bread?

Convenience. With a thaw and serve product, you don’t need an oven – we’ve done all of the baking for you.

Reduce Wastage. You only prepare what you need, which means no wastage and increased value!

Quality and Consistency. With great ingredients and all of our baking experience, the flavour and texture is still that familiar golden exterior with a soft chewy interior. The only thing that’s changed is the added convenience.

Thaw and Serve Dinners Rolls

Dinner Roll

Our dinner rolls are the kind you can be proud to serve with soup, or build into sliders. It’s the artisan dough and finish that makes the difference.

Square Roll

This contemporary square roll is the perfect answer for breakfast, snacks and lunch on the go.

Thaw and Serve Square Rolls

Thaw and Serve Petite Baguettes

Petite Baguette

Golden exterior, soft chewy interior, this petite baguette delivers on flavour, texture and versatility.



See how Chef Sarah uses Thaw & Serve in her kitchen


January 19th 2017



Goodman Fielder Foodservice

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