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Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream Benefits


Fonterra Anchor

Already Reduced

*Up to 30% better yield vs. conventional thickened creams


Fonterra Anchor

High Heat Stability

Less wastage due to reduced chance of splitting or separating at high temperatures


 Fonterra Anchor

Time Saving

Reduces preparation time because it starts at a reduced consistency


 Fonterra Anchor

Excellent Coating

Consistent creamy texture and excellent coating

 Fonterra Anchor

Acid Stable

It won’t split or separate when acidic ingredients are added

 Fonterra Anchor

Consistency & Robustness

Cook-chill-reheat, remains thick and creamy with a fantastic consistent texture


*Comparison is between 1 litre of Anchor Extra Yield Cooking Cream and 1 litre of conventional thickened cream.


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8th September 2016


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