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Vegan tantrum over soy milk ban at Sydney café

A Sydney café has banned soy milk for health reasons, claiming there are better options for those who want to avoid dairy.

Rough & Bare, which has cafes at Mona Vale and St ­Leonards, claims soy milk is a highly processed product which mimics oestrogen hormones in the body and contains phthalates which prevent absorption of iron and other minerals.

The decision has upset some vegans though, who say the café is guilty of hypocrisy as it has processed meat products such as bacon on the menu.

“Attention-grabbing! At a restaurant for breakfast and so they don’t serve Soy … but they serve Bacon and Bone Broth and many others. *excessive eye roll*” one unimpressed Facebook user posted alongside a picture of the café’s menu.

However, owner Anthony Milotic said he would stick to his guns despite the social media backlash.

“We’re happy associating with the vegan and vegetarian community but our menus are nutritionally planned,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

“Vegans have strong beliefs, but our menu is constantly evolving and if health experts tell us in the future (soy milk) is good for you, we’ll change it.”

The cafe instead offers coconut and almond milk as non-dairy options.


Sheridan Randall, 11th January 2019