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SpeeDelight achieved Good Design award 2017

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 Award Ceremony - Good Design Awards
Award ceremony on 1st Nov, 2017

SpeeDelight has achieved a Good Design Award 2017!

Among 4495 entries, 1403 including SpeeDelight received the award.


The comment from Good Design judges:

“Diverse operational functionality is indispensable in the food industry as it facilitates a diversified menu. This product contains 3 different heating elements which allows for a creative and diverse menu limited only by the imagination of the chef and available ingredients. Additional benefits include an ergonomic design which saves space and combines high quality construction for durability in the most demanding environments. It is also safe to operate with minimal training. In the future we foresee the development of a Japanese original menu which extends well beyond the traditional hot sandwich.”

Awards Process:

Awards Process


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November 13th 2017