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Charges laid after stabbing at restaurant

A man who allegedly stabbed another man at a restaurant in Caroline Springs, in Melbourne’s west, has appeared in court charged with murder, affray and aggravated burglary.

Police have alleged that Milos Novakovic, 29, of Caroline Springs gatecrashed a private function at the Korzo Grill House restaurant on Gourlay Street in Caroline Springs with several others.

The uninvited group allegedly forced its way into the Gourlay Street restaurant.

Police allege that he murdered 31-year-old Deni Dimovski.

The incident happened early on Saturday morning.

The brawl broke out in the venue after 2:00am.

Paramedics rushed to the restaurant and worked frantically to save Dimovski but he died.

Sadly, there was a video of people celebrating, laughing, singing and dancing inside the restaurant, just before the gatecrashers burst in and stabbed Dimovski.

The video showed a woman singing on the stage, unaware of what was about to happen.

Novakovic fled the scene after the fatal stabbing. The group left on foot although it is believed they had several cars nearby.

He was apprehended when police tracked him down in a manhunt. Homicide detectives had spent their time Sunday morning at the scene combing the area for clues.

Detective Senior Sergeant Pixie Fuhrmeister said the brawl broke when patrons were at the restaurant.

It is believed at least 30 people were in the venue celebrating at the time of the stabbing.

“There was a function on and another group have arrived at approximately 2am and a dispute has resulted in a brawl,” Detective Senior Sergeant Fuhrmeister told the Herald Sun.

The court has been told that Novakovic will not be applying for bail.

As a result, he will remain in custody for several months.

He is set to appear in court again on February 12 next year.

Owners and staff at the restaurant say Dimovski was a loyal customer.


11th September 2017