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An Australian owned Food Company serving quality and value

Riviana Foodservice has been bringing solutions to the table since the 1950’s. Today we honour our traditional company values with a commitment to provide quality food service products that add value to our customers’ businesses.

We are a long-established food company offering the resources, networks and expertise required to help our customers rise to the top.  Our company is one of Australia’s largest food importers sourcing quality produce from the world’s premium food growing regions.  We are also a manufacturing and distribution company, creating quality products to be delivered and enjoyed across the nation.

You’ll find our wide selection of canned, frozen and packaged brands in the pantries of leading hotels, restaurants, airlines, school canteens and more.  Our extensive range of products also spans several categories, catering to your demand for convenience and range.

At Riviana Foodservice, it all adds up to quality, variety, service and value.


Canned Fruit

Riviana offers an extensive range of delicious canned fruit to suit a number of recipes and occasions. Riviana Fruit is carefully selected and packed fresh to lock in flavour, texture and nutritional benefits. From everyday favourites like diced apples and sliced peaches, to exotic mango, purees and more. Riviana Fruit offers quality and value y...

Frozen Vegetables

Garden Supreme Frozen Vegetables bring colour and flavour to any dish.  All vegetables in the Garden Supreme frozen range are sorted, selected and snap frozen within hours of being picked to lock in the nourishment of garden fresh produce.”   Riviana Garden Supreme IQF Peas Riviana Garden Supreme IQF Corn...

Canned Vegetables

Riviana canned vegetables offer variety and quality all year round. Riviana canned vegetables are picked from selected crops noted for their flavour and texture and then packaged fresh to lock in natural goodness. From tasty staples like baked beans and corn to gourmet favourites included artichokes and asparagus, Riviana’s extensive canned veg...


The Riviana Tomato range encompasses a number of products including whole, crushed and pureed. Riviana tomatoes are sourced direct from Italy, sealed in their own juice and bursting with that authentic taste customer’s love. Perfect for use in pastas, pizzas and casseroles.         Riviana Italian Crushed ...


Riviana sources rice from paddies around the world to offer an authentic range that’s perfect for international cuisines and flavours.  Riviana also provides both short and long grains and parboiled rice to offer your kitchen choice and versatility.            Riviana Arborio Rice 5kg   Riviana B...


Riviana’s antipasto range offers the authenticity your most discerning patrons demand. To ensure satisfaction, our products are specially selected for quality, flavour and size, then prepared, marinated and seasoned according to traditional recipes. The extensive Riviana antipasto range caterers to every taste and occasion.   ...


Riviana offers an extensive range of condiments to bring out the best in any dish or cuisine. The range includes everyday essentials as well as gourmet favourites featuring the finest ingredients, authentic blends and ideal consistencies.       Riviana Crushed Red Cilli 1kg     Riviana Minced Garlic ...


Riviana offers an extensive range of delicious olives specifically sourced with a focus on flavour and freshness. Riviana Olives have it all, from exceptional Kalamata and versatile black olives, to delectable stuffed olives and more.       Riviana Pitted Black Olives 2kg   Riviana Pitted Kalamata Olives...

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