Peerless Foods : Oils, Spreads & EOI Bakery


Peerless Foods is Australia’s largest privately owned manufacturer & marketer of edible oils & fats. The company provides a range of oil-based products for the industrial, foodservice, bakery, retail & export markets.



Liquid Oils: Formula 40, Pura Sun Ultra Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil.Solid Oils: Frytol, Sunbeam Vegetable oil, Shef & Gold Leaf Deep Frying Oil.


Pura Tuscan Blend, Pura Canola and Pura Sun Ultra Hi Oleic Sunflower Oil. 


Miracle Spreads, Tablelands Original Spread and Vitalite Canola Spread. 


EOI Bakery Products: Pastry Margarines, Pastry Shortenings, Pie Bottom Shortenings, Cake Margarines, Cake Shortenings, Shortpaste Margarines, Donut Shortening, Creaming Shortenings, Bread Products, Confectionary Shortening & Premixes.


At Peerless Foods, we pride ourselves on customer service so please call us on 03 9214 7777


Peerless for Foodservice

Peerless Foods has developed this key market over the years to include value added product solutions to the Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Catering and Tourism Industries. Peerless has an innovative range of high performance frying and culinary oils, which deliver performance, durability and health benefits to end users. Our foodservice range include...

Formula 40 by Peerless Foods

One of Peerless Foods’ flagship brands, Formula 40 has a unique cottonseed formulation which makes it a superior heavy duty deep frying oil. Formula 40 is an uniquely formulated oil for heavy-duty deep frying. It's thicker, robust base ensures a longer fry life and superior drain-off, while its neutral oil taste helps retain food's natural flavo...

Pura Oil by Peerless Foods

From frying to culinary oils, Pura is the start of something brilliant. A range of quality frying and culinary oils suited for all your foodservice needs - from superior frying oils such as Pura Sun Ultra and Pura Enhance, to culinary oils such as Pura Canola and Pura Tuscan blend, all delivering superior results time after time. High in ‘good...

Peerless for Bakery

With the purchase and continued development of the Market Leading EOI bakery brand and range, Peerless are well positioned as the unquestionable Industry Benchmark in manufacturing and marketing the highest quality bakery fat ingredients available. The EOI brand has been the proven market leader over the last 20 years in the bakery industry and is...

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Peerless Foods : Oils, Spreads & EOI Bakery

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