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What is Lush Greenery?

According to science, plants and greenery have the ability to boost our mood, de-stress, get along better with other people and a forest of other benefits. Though keeping plants alive can be hard…especially if your also running a business. Lush Greenery supplies the Australian hospitality with a beautiful artificial non-dying version of the cure-all décor.

We work with our clients to make the stress of decorating their commercial space a walk in the park and we offer the advice you need to make your space totally lush.


Suppliers of:

  • Artificial Green Walls
  • Artificial Vines and Plants
  • Planter Boxes
  • Barn Doors and Rustic Shelving



Green Walls

To take a wall from drab to fab, LUSH Greenery has a range of Green Wall application to make your space memorable. Designed for both internal and external applications you can greenify your smokers area or create an Instagram worth green wall for your café.   Eco Friendly 4 Years Warranty Snap & Lock Cuts Easily UV Stable Recy...

Vines & Plants

Eco Friendly 4 Years Warranty Snap & Lock Cuts Easily UV Stable Recyclable   Vines Pothos Eucalyptus Hanging Plants Queen of Hearts Touch of an Angel Potted Plants Monstera Bird of Paradise Fruit Trees Rubber Trees   See the complete Vines &...

Planter Boxes

Planter Boxes are able to be used as room dividers, can help to contain your outdoor seating or help to hide something you would rather they didn’t see.  Design Choice custom makes whatever design your business requires. Whether for artificial plants or your botany collection, Design Choice is the right choice for you planter box requi...

LUSH Greenery : Artificial Plants

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