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Suppliers of superior quality hygiene brushware that is FDA and HACCP compliant with 9 different colours to ensure easy segregation of zones in any food safety program.

Using the latest resin-set technology, it is more durable, longer lasting and ensures the bristles do not fall out even at high sterilizing temperatures. 


FMCG Resin Set Brushware

Resin Set Brushware   Our Resin-Set DRS® brushware boasts a revolutionary improvement in brush filament retention known as the ‘Dual Retention System - DRS’. This unique approach uses both food grade stainless steel staples and an anti-microbial resin to secure the tufts to the brush back. This not only prevents the accumulation of dirt...

Anti-Microbial Brushware

FMCG Anti-Microbial cleaning tools are designed for areas that require very high standards of cleanliness and where being able to show ‘due diligence’ in the control of biological and physical contamination is of paramount importance. These cleaning tools contain a uniquely created additive using silver-ion technology that inhibits the growth ...

Professional Brushware

Professional Brushware is : Available in up to eight colours to help eliminate cross contamination and promote HACCP compliance Autoclave temperatures of up to 134°C  Industrial dishwasher safe  Made using FDA approved materials  Ideal for environments where a wide range of professional cleaning tools are required Predominantly UK manuf...

FMCG Hygiene Brush

At FMCG industry solutions we provide you with cleaning and sanitation solutions that’ll keep your environment clean and  free from your target pathogen. You know what I mean, the ones that may end up in your products and cause your company a costly recall. Mobile Scrub Portable low cost boot scrubber for all industries Low cost and afforda...

FMCG Industry Solutions

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