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For over 90 years, Electrolux Professional have been influencing how food is prepared in commercial kitchens all over the world. With an extensive portfolio of high performance kitchen equipment used to produce over 100 million meals every day around the globe.

Electrolux Professional is also a global leader in Professional Laundry Systems, offering a huge range of commercial laundry solutions for any business needs. From washing to strict hygiene standards through to perfectly ironed clothes and linen – Electrolux Professional laundry products wash, dry, iron – 19,000 tons of linen every day. 

Electrolux Professional has a strong commitment to sustainability and constantly strives to reduce carbon footprint and impact on the environment. All Electrolux Professional factories are I.S.O. 14001 certified with products manufactured and designed to lower energy, water and detergent consumption.

Electrolux Professional products are supported by a National network of highly trained Service Technicians. Our team of experts can assist in equipment installation, setup suitable for your applications and equipment training.

With a large inventory of genuine spare parts plus a 24/7 Service Hotline, Electrolux Equipment Service ensures that your equipment is in safe hands.

Check out our website for the full product range, or visit our YouTube Channel to see our products in action.


Commercial Food Preparation

Cut, Mix and Slice with Electrolux's range of vegetable slicers, food processors, mixers, meat mincers, slicers and chopping blocks - click images below to explore the range. Guaranteeing you Quality, Speed and Performance. Get started and enjoy this dynamic way of cooking, there is no limit to your culinary creativity with Electrolux. Make yo...

Commercial Cooking Ranges - Thermaline

Production, precision and tradition for over 100 years.   Made to Measure is created to offer every top chef a partner for life, meeting the requirements of five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants with the latest professional technology and ultimate kitchen design.   thermaline modular 80 & 90     thermaline modular 85

Commercial High Capacity Cooking

Discover what boiling and braising pans can do for your business. Electrolux Swiss designed products which is directly connected to the thermaline product family, global player in the market. thermaline offers state-of-the art technology, high quality, innovative design and easy-to use appliances.    ProThermetic boiling and braising pans ...

Commercial Cook Chill Solution

Cook&Chill is a way of working that can improve life in professional kitchens, as well as their results.   For Restaurants  Click to view solutions   For Hotels Click to view solutions   Discover accessories, freezers & ovens for Cook&Chill here

Commercial Combi Ovens

Electrolux Professional have been engineering ovens since 1950.The diverse range of commercial combi ovens are designed for ease to use, consistency in food quality, energy efficiency and labour savings.The Electrolux range of ovens allow you to boil, roast, grill, and bake to perfection – you can even fry without oil.     Also available w...

Commercial Refrigerated Cabinets

Electrolux ecostore cabinets use up to 80% less energy than standard cabinets thanks to the perfect combination of various innovative features. Providing unbeatable capacity and sturdiness. Ecostore cabinets on average, have 50 litres more available space, compared to competitors’ cabinets in the market.   ecostoreHP Touch: innovati...

Commercial Refrigerated Counters

Electrolux Professional boots kitchen efficiency with their new ecostoreHP refrigerated counters. The bar has been raised and now Electrolux Professional offers a whole range of refrigerated cabinets and counters with the unique combination of both the highest climate class & highest energy efficiency rating on the market.   The HP ...

Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Electrolux's dishwashing equipment provides an unlimited amount of washing & rinsing options  The diverse product range offers glasswashers, undercounter, hood type, rack type, utensil washers and more.    Glasswashers and Undercounters   Hood Type Dishwasher Rack Type Dishwasher    View more information on dishwashing eq...

Commercial Side Load Washers

Excellence in hygiene, performance and results. Boasting intelligent features and unique extras, our excellent solutions offer the utmost in quality combined with the lowest utility costs for laundries of all sizes.     Durability and trouble-free operations Designed to last for 30,000 cycles, it has a heavy-duty construction, Power Ba...

Commercial Tumble Dryers

Faster, Greener, Easier Obtain great results and improve your laundry’s efficiency by minimising running cost with Electrolux tumble dryers. Ergonomic design and specific incorporated features, Excellence inside, ensure that Electrolux dryers are simple and safe to use.   Discover the benefits of the NEW Heat Pump Dryer here:    Save ...

Commercial Drying Cabinets

Ultimate flexibility in drying  Gentle drying of delicate materials like wool, velvet, silk and linen isn‘t easy. And when it comes to protections in workwear and sports clothing, boots and gloves, conventional drying solutions have limitations because of the mechanical action.  Give your customers the peace of mind.    Best drying of ...

Commercial Ironers

Electrolux Professional Ironers You Will Benefit From: Increase productivity with optimum hygiene thanks to the advanced electronics to control and optimize the laundry process, such as the patented DIAMMS.   Direct Ironer Advanced Moisture Management System. Get the highest productivity out of your equipment using the automatic feed...

Commercial Coin Operated Laundry

Self-service Laundries for different type of business    Water and Energy Savings  Our washers have an Automatic Saving System (AS) that determines the load weight and adds precisely the right amount of water. This results in reduced water consumption and energy costs.   Reduced noise and vibration Our Super Balance...

Commercial Laundry Solution - Lagoon Advanced Care

lagoon® Advanced Care fast, easy and green There’s never been a wet-cleaning system like lagoon® Advanced Care before. Electrolux have listened to you and developed a solution that meets your needs on every front, making the switch from dry, to wet cleaning, incredibly straightforward.     For more information on Commercial Laundry Sol...

Electrolux Professional Australia - Kitchen & Laundry Equipment

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