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Bartercard is a business marketplace with over 32,000 cardholders in Australia and New Zealand trading over $347 million worth of goods and services outside the cash economy each year.  It operates in eight countries and through 46 locations around the world. 

Since its launch in 1991, Bartercard has revolutionised the way businesses manage cash flow. Its world-leading Trade Exchange system allows its members to benefit from the cashless economy of barter. Bartercard provides business opportunities to members by converting unutilised trading capacity and excess inventory into business opportunities with new customers.


Bartercard's vision

To be the leading global marketplace where businesses connect and barter-trade their goods and services.


Free eBook for readers of Australian Hospitality Directory

8 ways to attract new customers Attracting new customers in a market that's louder, faster, and where consumers are more discerning, can be harder than ever. Listed within this e-book are eight ways to help you re-think your approach to attracting new customers and growing your market while evolving your skills as a business leader. In...

Bartercard for Hospitality & Tourism

You run a hospitality or tourism business and want to know how Bartercard can work for you... For over 24 years savvy hospitality and tourism businesses have been turning to Bartercard for help to fill their empty seats, vacant rooms and unsold tickets. Although heavy discounting is commonplace in the industry, these businesses have found that p...

7 Reasons Bartercard will work for you

Members of our network are from a diverse range of businesses; however, every one of our members is using Bartercard to help grow their business in one (or more) of seven ways. You too can use Bartercard to... 1. Gain new customers Bartercard promotes your company to thousands of local, national and international businesses who are all pot...

How Bartercard works

Bartercard is a simple, flexible barter system that converts slow moving stock, downtime, spare capacity or vacant seats into extra sales. Why barter in business? Business owners love bartering because it saves them cash; moves excess stock or idle inventory and fills up their downtime or spare capacity.  Chances are you have conducted a on...

Bartercard - Barter Trades, Goods & Services

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