Shoe Shine

New to Australia is our unique German Shoe Shine system that is guaranteed to give your shoes instant visible shine in a few seconds without the mess associated with manual systems. Best of all, it’s quick, fast, easy and effortless!

Imagine having your front line staff looking their best at all times in a just few seconds. Imagine the increase in customer satisfaction you’ll experience; imagine the competitive advantage your business will have against your competition!

At just 2 cents per shine, our system will pay itself off in no time. And best of all, it’s completely hands free. That’s right – there’s no need to touch your shoes, open the polish or even use physical force to get that sparkle. It’s a complete whole system that includes the polish, pre-clean and polishing brush that will give you and your staff an instant glossy shoe shine in seconds.

Call us now to get that instant SHINE in seconds!


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Cosmo Plus Shoe Shine Machine

Beautiful glossy shiny shoes in less than 10 seconds using the commercial grade Cosmo Plus shoe shine machine.    Presentation is so important for front line staff, so imagine them looking their best at all times. The Cosmo Plus is manufactured in Germany from cast aluminium and comes with a powerful silent induction motor and an erg...


The Cosmo series has convincing style, functionality and compactness. It adapts well to personal furnishing styles and ideas, because Cosmo is available in numerous standard colors and can be coated in any RAL color our customers ask for. Thus the elegant shoe shine machine becomes an individual companion, which integrates perfectly into your exis...

Ellipse V2A

With its extravagant and eye-catching form the Ellipse turns into a design highlight in your entry area. Two different versions of the Ellipse turn the shoe polishing into something extraordinary. The results of both machines, whether it has a polish dispenser or not, will be: quick, precise, satisfying and most of all shining – just like the hi...

Shoe Shine

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