Why all facilities need a steam cleaner

As a hospitality provider you know all too well the difference a clean presentation can make to your customers experience, and indeed your reputation. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness can be challenging with a constantly rotating group of guests, so having the best cleaning equipment is vital.

High standards of cleanliness and hygiene are paramount in the hospitality industry. Whether you run a restaurant, café, bakery or fast food shop, it’s essential to use the best cleaning equipment possible. Clean a huge range of surfaces in your venue with ease using a steam cleaner. High temperature steam will deep clean and santise your venue ensuring it is hygenically clean.

Steam cleaning is suitable for all restaurants, cafes & accommodation providers for so many reasons.YOUR RESTAURANT OR MOTEL WILL LOOK CLEANER

Clean areas that are difficult or impossible to clean otherwise. Areas such as grout, sinks, taps, air conditioning vents and so much more.

Bed Bugs  – These things are still around and nothing kills them better than steam. Just one outbreak of bed begs and a good steam cleaner could pay for itself there and then. No chemicals just pure steam – One quick hit and they’re dead.

Sanitise Mattresses – Steam will also kill dust-mites. Its simple to use and the mattress will be completely dry in a few minutes.    

Clean Upholstery & Carpet
– remove stains instantly. No need to wait for the cleaners to arrive and leave you with wet upholstery or carpet for up to 2 days. Steam leaves it dry.

Mould – Steam it, kill it. No chemicals, steam will do the job.

Kitchens – Remove grease, clean grout, ovens, walls, floors, fridge seals, the whole lot. Steam is safe to use, no harsh chemicals required.   

Air Conditioning Vents
– These things clog up with years of dust. They are near impossible to clean at all. Your guests look at them and sigh. Steam will clean it like new in minutes. Happy customer - Happy business!

Curtains – Clean curtains in place. Don’t take them down! Clean them, dust them, remove stains. You will save so much time you can finally put up that sign -Gone Fishing!

– Clean the Hinges, under the rim, the base and every nook and cranny where little nasty’s lurk feeling safe and sound.  

Find and more and watch video's of our steam cleaners being used in hospitality applications.


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