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Calombaris Debuts New Range Of Recipes


Chef George Calombaris has just given an exclusive cooking demonstration and debuted a series of new recipes for the winners of the Essential Eggs ‘Cooking with George’ competition.

Having become accustomed to speaking in large auditoriums or on national television, it was a pleasant change of pace for Calombaris to host a small audience at his restaurant St. Katherine’s.

Using Essential Eggs, Calombaris developed a series of new recipes and taught them to the winners of the private cooking demonstration, as part of the grand prize in the competition. Entrants had to write in and say why they’d like to win the chance to come to Melbourne and spend the afternoon cooking with George.

“Being a chef is about being a servant while inspiring and educating,” Calombaris said.

Served, inspired and educated they were: the lucky winners learned cooking techniques, assisted in the preparation and enjoyed five different dishes, each created by Calombaris specifically for Essential Gourmet Free-Range Eggs.

Essential Eggs, which supplies Calombaris’ restaurants with their eggs, is a brand that he says he feels he can put his name on with confidence.

“I support Essential Eggs because it makes sense with what I do,” Calombaris explained. “I’ve been to the source, I know where they’re coming from, and they’re fresh.”

Calombaris developed nine recipes in total for the Essential Foods free-range eggs.


Source:  Farm Pride - 2 April 2012