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Environmentally friendly packaging

We hear it all over the news, single-use plastics ban. PLA straws in WA forbidden. Supermarket chains only want sustainable packaging and so on.

Of course, we should ban unfriendly packaging wherever we can and ASAP, but in some cases environmentally friendly and food safety contradicts itself.

Sometimes food needs to be protected against oxygen, to get a longer shelf life. Protected against moisture to prevent other micro organism to grow in food.

We call that barrier, it needs a barrier to protect food.

Good barrier packaging is for example made with aluminium or nylon. But this is not environmentally friendly. The alternative? Go to your butcher, ask him to cut a steak for you, go home and eat it the same day.

Look in your fridge and see which food has a long shelf life. That kind of food storage will not be possible anymore. Unfortunately, good environmentally friendly barrier packaging is only available at very high prices, unaffordable (so far).

But of course we agree, that wherever we can, we should save the planet, make the oceans cleaner and secure a good future for our children.

Of course there are many types of packaging which are friendly and affordable. If it doesn’t need shelf life, there are plenty of options.

Think of our Eko Pak line. Sugarcane trays in all sizes, and more to come … a full line of wooden cutlery and accessories all at affordable prices!


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More single use plastic items to be banned . . .

With the ever changing guidelines on single use plastics and climate change, we need to do as much as we can collectively to improve the impact on our planet.

One product used widely across the globe is sushi trays. The negative impact that plastic containers have is massive. Eko Pak sushi trays are made from bagasse and are completely natural, as well as rapidly renewable.

By comparison, they are much more sturdy than their flimsy plastic rivals, and very affordable! Browse our range of trays and lids as well as all our other quality, sustainable products at


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29th April 2021