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Pac Food and Extended Shelf Life

Wouldn't it be easy if you could keep that batch of soup you made for 4 weeks? To store that cut of meat much longer than you are used to?

Extending shelf life will save you time and money.

Working with batches which you can keep will prevent surprises and out of stock in case of break down of your oven or other equipment you have in your kitchen.

Let’s talk about wet dishes and dry goods

Wet Dishes:
We specialise in cook chill, which is very suitable for wet dishes. 

This concept is based on bringing liquids quickly through the temperature zone. Fill bags around 70-80 degrees, seal them and cool down (using a blast or tumble chiller?) to under 5 degrees C within 6 hours. The hotter you fill, the longer your shelf life. The quicker you chill the longer the shelf life. The colder you store, the longer the shelf life. Use our high barrier bags for an optimal result, up to 4 weeks shelf life! 



Dry Goods:

A very efficient way to extend shelf life is vacuum sealing.

Use an in chamber vacuum sealer with normal vacuum bags, which also makes it possible to vacuum seal liquids. An out of chamber vacuum sealer will do the job, but NO liquids.

In Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Vacuum Sealed food

Out Chamber Vacuum Sealer - no liquids in this style of machine


In general, the thicker the bag, the better the barrier, the longer the shelf life. The material of which the bag is made is also important. Ask for the OTR of a bag (Oxygen Transmission Rate) to see how much oxygen will go through the bag. An aluminium bag has a very low OTR (almost no oxygen flows through the bag), a garbage bag a very high OTR (and cannot be vacuum sealed!).


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25th February 2021