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Packaging Solutions for the Food Industry


Pac Food started marketing packaging solutions for commercial (production) kitchens in 2009.

At first, a complete range of cook chill bags were developed for several Central Production Units in Australia. These units predominantly produced food for aged care centres and hospitals which profit from long shelf life possibilities given by using the cook chill principle. Pac Food supplies 70, 100 and 115 micron co extruded packaging enabling shelf life for wet dishes from 1 week to 6-8 weeks.

Vacuum Sealers and Vacuum Sealing Bags Cook Chill System


Soon after introducing cook chill bags, Pac Food developed a range of vacuum sealing bags and biodegradable trolley covers. Pac Food’s trolley covers are the first biodegradable covers in Oceania, using EPI as oxo biodegradable plastic additive technology.

In 2010, Pac Food started selling biodegradable PanCovers and took over  the exclusive distribution of PanSaver Ovenable Panliners. Then in 2011, Channel Bags for domestic vacuum sealing machines were released along with ScrubSaver Low Temperature Panliners. Since then Pac Food has introduced Biodegradable Piping Bags, Shrink Covers and Vertical Form Filling Film.

Piping Bags
Form Filling


A few basic principles Pac Food strives for:

  • Provide customer service as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • We consider after sales and service a very high priority
  • Make sure we are never out of stock of regular product lines
  • Problem solving for our customers, we will do our utmost, as soon as possible
  • Respond to quotation inquiries and product inquiries the same day or ultimately the next working day

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Eko Pak was born in 2020.

An exciting range of sustainable, compostable and eko-friendly food packaging solutions which help hospitality businesses reduce their environmental footprint and help build goodwill and customer loyalty.

Eko Pak’s range of products has had great feedback. So much so, that the range is already expanding, adding another thirteen products to the original range.  

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10th December 2020