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Connect your dishwasher to cold water and save up to 50% in your power bill

Made tough in our factory in Caves Beach NSW, the AP “Fast Response” series will change the way you look at dishwashers! 

The Norris Fast Response operating series has been developed to overcome the pain caused by high power costs and restricted hot water availability. 

Check out our new Fast Response Range:


Norris AP500 Underbench Commercial Dishwasher

"Connect Anywhere"

The AP500 is a compact under bench dishwasher suited for cafes and restaurants that will handle up to 30cm plates. Standard pump out drain makes it easy to install.

Connects to cold water and is always ready, no waiting once machine is at operating temperature. The AP500will produce a sparkling wash time after time.

  Norris AP500 Underbench Commercial Dishwasher

Norris AP500 Underbench Commercial Dishwasher Specification


AP750 Upright Commercial Dishwasher

"Works Hard, Great Value"

When it comes to hard-hitting performance, the AP750 can handle up to 1080 plates / 45 loads per hour, that’s fast enough to keep up with the busiest of kitchens making backlogs of dirty dishes a thing of the past.

The Norris AP750 dishwasher connects quickly to any 3-phase power outlet and a cold water connection.

Once your dishwasher is at operating temperature, it is immediately available to clean with three easy to use wash cycles to choose from designed to get your dishes sparkling clean in next to no time at all.

Norris AP750 Upright Commercial Dishwasher 

Norris AP750 Upright Commercial Dishwasher Specifications


AP2500 Upright Commercial Dishwasher

"The Ultimate Workhorse"

The AP2500 is a powerful dishwasher which goes one step further than the AP750, capable of handling large volumes of dirty dishes, with even more cleaning power due to its robust 1600w German water pump.

This heavy duty washer requires only a three-phase power outlet and cold water connection enabling easy integration of this machine into the majority of kitchens with limited space without the need for electrical upgrades or plumbing services.

Norris AP2500 Upright Commercial Dishwasher 

Norris AP2500 Upright Commercial Dishwasher Specifications



4th April 2019