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Pacific West Chefs of the Future Development Program

And the scholarship winner is…

There were five 2011 finalists for this $1500 scholarship. This very successful online culinary knowledge competition is sponsored by Pacific West to assist budding young chefs become leaders. As part of the selection process, the finalists were asked what exactly they will you do with the scholarship money…

Finalist 1 Sam Hall - Esposito Italian Seafood Restaurant 86.9%

To receive $1500, to invest into my passion and education would be a truly remarkable boom to my young career. To receive this money through Pacific West, an industry leader that is known for its positive stance on palm oil and exposing Australians to quality seafood that they would otherwise be ‘afraid’ to cook, makes this more than just an economic gain. The money would go directly into my tertiary fees, which would inevitably enable me to accrue more equipment and then travel to Europe and the US, to work, upon completing my apprenticeship. Thank you for this great opportunity.

Finalist 2 Maia Caireen Buena - Epicure Catering 80.03%

As a first year apprentice chef, I believe I’ll benefit from the Pacific West Education Funding most of all because I have only began my apprenticeship four months ago, therefore, there are still so many things I desire to learn about the art and science of making great quality food that will not only meet customers’ standards but also exceed their expectations. Since I started, I have always tried to make every day at work and TAFE a learning opportunity, never failing to ask questions at work and studying lessons for class, thus acing my exams. I have also always been keen to learn about different food products and food cultures in Australia since I’ve only been here for 10 months as a recent immigrant from the Philippines, and I’ve done this by going to food exhibitions, reading culinary books, developing my taste buds by eating, and watching cooking shows on TV and the internet. However, as an apprentice chef, there’s only a little part of my salary that I can save up so I can indulge myself in my passion for learning about the craft, and this is why I believe I deserve to win the $1500 education funding from Pacific West.

Finalist 3 Beth Candy RACV City Club 90.34%

For me this is about increasing my knowledge and opening a new world of food which I am only just beginning to experience and love.
I see myself as a team player I am always learning new things from my peers in the kitchen, helping people when they need it, putting ideas forward and openly communicating with my team. I cope well under pressure and understand my improvement will come through practice and constructive criticism from my peers. If I was to win this award I would use the funding towards a planned trip to Italy next year to spend 6 months at ALMA cooking school in Millano, Italy

Finalist 4 Jake Walsh - RACV  80.03%

Winning this award will benefit me by being able to buy myself the latest new equipment for both work and school, and it will help me buy new cookbooks for recipe ideas and reference books for my schooling. This will also help me gain confidence in myself throughout my apprenticeship with extending my food knowledge. I would like to travel around Australia within my apprenticeship, experiencing new styles of cooking and new places to work, and to improve my knowledge in the culinary industry. $1500 will help me start my travelling and experience the world and to see what food has to offer.  

Finalist 5 Rosemary Utteridge - Spotless Services - Victoria Arts Centre 86.09%

I would greatly benefit by using some of the money to go purchase books that would enable me to extend my knowledge; mainly ‘Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking’ as I have been saving to purchase it. I would spend some of the rest of the money attending trade expos such as the Food Services Australia expo and Fine Foods. I would also benefit by attending skill workshops like those at Savour Chocolate & Patisserie Cooking School where I could further develop my knowledge of pastry that I have not had very much exposure to so far.

And the winner is Beth Candy!