The perils of paraffin oil candle lamps

Do you use Paraffin Oil candle lamps at your restaurant, bar or hotel?  If so then you should know the facts on the perils of using this petroleum byproduct in your business…..

Although this highly popular candle alternative seems like an attractive option when choosing how to create the ambiance in your restaurant, bar, cafe or hotel I feel that everyone should be aware of the origins and health risks associated with using this product on a daily basis.

By choosing to use paraffin oil lamps not only are you creating more carbon emissions and polluting the environment but you are also creating a health risk for your employees and customers.

Information on Paraffin Oil:

Origins: Paraffin oil is a byproduct that is formed in the process of petroleum distillation.

Health risks:

Major health hazards:

  • eye irritation
  • cancer hazard

Potential health effects:

  • Skin Contact: skin disorders, skin allergies, irritation and sometimes dermatitis
  • Eye Contact: irritation and discomfort
  • Ingestion: digestive disorders, serious diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping

At Candles Recharge we know first hand that when you handle paraffin oil candle lamps that you will inevitably get the paraffin oil on your hands when it leaks and if this happens to your employee in the heat of service and they don’t get to wash their hands then that paraffin oil is contaminating not only their skin BUT they are then transferring it to everyone and everything their hand/s touch. And what can that possibly result in? You guessed it, sick employees and sick customers.

After reading the above do you really want to expose your employees and your customers to these sorts of risks and effects? Wouldn’t you rather have a clean, non-toxic, long lasting way of providing the same ambiance from a product that will also save you money? I know I would (actually I literally did in my own restaurants), and that is why you should be buying professional quality flameless rechargeable tea light candles from Candles Recharge today!

Don't wait for the day when customers don't come to your business because they don't want to be poisoned by you using paraffin oil candle lamps. Take affirmative action TODAY and use it to your advertising advantage! Promote to your customers that you have chosen to use  flameless rechargeable tea light candles because you are committed to being eco-friendly and to providing a non-toxic environment.


Written by Danielle Winters, Candles Recharge