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Ever since 65 stakeholders, many of them dairy farmers from the NSW Illawarra region, came together in 1900 to form the Dairy Farmers Milk Cooperative Co, Australians have long enjoyed the great taste of quality dairy products produced under the iconic Dairy Farmers brand.Boasting a rich brand heritage across both retail and foodservice, Dairy Farmers has always been Aussie made, and thanks to its 2021 acquisition by Bega Cheese Limited, it’s once again Australian owned.

As the foodservice division of the Bega Group, Bega Foodservice is proud to have made the extensive selection of high quality, nutritious dairy products in the Dairy Farmers range available to foodservice professionals across the nation.

Dairy Farmers sources milk from more than 130 farms spread throughout Australia, leveraging the passion and expertise of a proud dairy community who have nurtured farms for generations, and continues to honour the spirit of its founders by retaining its commitment to quality production and community support.

The Bega Group Better Farms Program (www.betterfarms.com.au) provides Australian dairy farmers who have ongoing milk supply agreements with the Bega Group with access to financial grants for development and training, support services and capital projects, distributing up to $1.1m per financial year. So, by choosing Dairy Farmers and Bega products, you’re contributing towards the sustainability of Australia’s dairy industry, now and into the future.

In foodservice, the Dairy Farmers range includes cream, butter, cheese and yoghurt products, in a wide variety of pack styles and size configurations. These have been designed to meet the needs of Australia’s foodservice market - delivering recipe and meal solutions which cut down on labour and preparation while maximising convenience and versatility of application.

The extensive Dairy Farmers range available from Bega Foodservice includes:


Cream and culinary – From Dairy Farmers Cooking Cream which heats quickly to high temperatures without burning or splitting and stays at the ideal viscosity for sauteing, reducing, pan-frying, baking and freezing, to rich Thickened Cream, tangy Sour Cream and Buttermilk, and Dairy Farmers Thick Vanilla Custard.


Cheese and butter – Dairy Farmers has a fantastic selection of quality cheese, from Shredded Mozzarella and Parmesan in Shredded, Shaved and Grated varieties, to Cheese Slices in a variety of styles to suit the most popular foodservice applications. Choose from Dairy Farmers Tasty Natural Cheddar Slices, Dairy Farmers Burger Slices, Hi-Melt Burger Slices, Ready Cut Sandwich Slices and Super Value Sandwich Slices. There’s also Dairy Farmers Cream Cheese, ideal as both a spread and a dessert ingredient, and iconic Dairy Farmers Butter available in both Salted and Unsalted.

https://www.hospitalitydirectory.com.au/images/product_images/Bega/Product-News/2024/2024Feb08_Dairy-Farmers-Chilled-Dairy/Bega_Dairy-Farmers-Chilled-Dairy5.pngYoghurt – Dairy Farmers boasts a comprehensive selection of luscious fruit flavours stirred through Thick and Creamy Yoghurts in both 600g tubs for back of house use and single serve 150g cartons. Made with yoghurt cultures and gelatine free, each is a source of calcium and free from artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.



8th February 2024

Bega Foodservice

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