Looking Ahead: What’s Trending for Commercial Kitchens in 2024


2024 is all set to be a year of groundbreaking innovations in the kitchen.

As consumer expectations continue to shift, commercial kitchens need to keep evolving to ensure they’re not just keeping up with the competition – they’re a step ahead. From automated kitchen technologies to more eco-conscious practices, to joining the online food delivery phenomenon, we’ve spotted multiple trends we expect to become a big deal this year.

Automation & Smart Technologies

This year, expect to see smart technologies integrated into commercial kitchens, making them more efficient and streamlined than ever before. From AI-powered kitchen management systems to smart appliances that communicate seamlessly, chefs and restaurateurs are embracing the next era of kitchen innovation. This includes the use of self-cleaning ovens and improved connectivity in kitchens, with equipment like the Henny Penny F5 Fryer, that can run its own diagnostics, provide menu updates and even system upgrades.


Food Delivery

More than just a trend, online food delivery (OFD) platforms are becoming an integral part of the restaurant business. A joint report by The Restaurant and Catering Association, Mastercard, and Uber Eats has revealed that Australian restaurants are continuing to embrace online food delivery as a key channel for reaching customers.

But with a new channel comes new challenges. The shift to OFD means restaurants need to have the right equipment to meet the demand of online ordering by maximising throughput. There is also a need for heated holding, to maintain food quality and increase kitchen capacity. Investing in smarter, modern kitchen equipment will mean less labour and better food quality for home delivery, which will leave you with happier customers.

OFD will only increase in popularity in 2024, so if you’ve been on the fence about joining an OFD platform, there’s no better time than right now.


As sustainability becomes a non-negotiable for businesses globally, commercial kitchens are stepping up to the plate. In 2024, we’re expecting a surge in eco-friendly practices, from zero-waste cooking initiatives to the adoption of sustainable sourcing and energy-efficient equipment.

In recent years, customers have begun to expect their favourite restaurants to be doing their part for the planet, and being transparent about your commitment to sustainability can actually attract new potential customers. Not only that, but moving to more sustainable practices in your kitchen can be more cost-effective than traditional methods.

For example, the Henny Penny F5 Fryer is ENERGY STAR® rated, with over 85% energy efficiency. It also provides 40% oil savings through its extended oil life and 14.4lt fry vats. Oil savings aren’t just great for the planet, they’re also great for your wallet—click here to see how much you can save with a more efficient fryer.



Cooking equipment that can cook multiple ways, like combi ovens, will surge in demand this year, alongside pre-programmable, high-speed cooking equipment like Pratica Speed Ovens.

Not only does this type of equipment speed up kitchen service, but it also saves space – especially essential in space-poor kitchens. The Retigo Bakery Combi Oven DeliMaster, for example, provides you with several appliances in one – baking oven, combi oven, salamander,  griddle and deep fryer. All this within an area of one square metre.



All in all, we see 2024 as the year that chefs and restaurateurs are not only adapting to change but actively driving it; creating kitchens that are more efficient, eco-conscious, and that meet customers where they’re at.

To get a head start on preparing your kitchen for a successful year ahead, talk to a member of our team and find the right machinery for your business.


8th February 2024


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