Meet the Most Advanced Combi Ovens Ever

At the vanguard of pioneering and eco-conscious professional oven design and production, UNOX unveils its latest additions to the already illustrious collection of professional combi ovens.

This Italian-based company envisions that this new generation of ovens will establish a groundbreaking precedent for performance and user-machine interaction within professional kitchens. Please extend your warm welcome to CHEFTOP-X™.

Have you ever dreamed of controlling your oven from home or while walking?

Pair it with your devices to make your dream come true.

Interact with your oven as if it were a new member of your team.

Talk to it, train it, put it to the test. It is smart.

Get exclusive advice from our Chefs directly through your oven’s microphone.

Live Technical Assistance
Help arrives in no time. With Digital.ID™ you can video call our technical team directly from the panel.

Experience a full digital free training to take 100% advantage of your new oven. From day 1.

Say “HEY.Unox” for hands-free help.

Thanks to a cutting-edge integrated microphone and powerful algorithms, you can interact with your oven simply using your voice. It’s time to simplify your work in the kitchen.



Find out more about the CHEFTOP-X™

UNOX Website  |   03 9876 0803



6th February 2024

UNOX : Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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