How to choose the right soak tank for your business

Our soak tanks are used in over 2800 kitchens, bakeries, hotels and food outlets across Australia.


Don't Scrub It... Soak It!

Save on the cost of labour, costly chemicals, water and electricity, without harming the environment.

The Oz Tank system is available in 4 standard sizes for all applications:


OzTank - Mini Soak Tank



OzTank Soak Tank

This is our smallest size OZTANK and is great in cafes and kitchen with space limitations, but  the tank still does a huge job on all oil, grease and carbon buildup.

External dimensions of tank:
Length: 610mm | Width: 425mm | Height: 816mm





OzTank - Small Soak Tank



OzTank Soak Tank

Specially designed for small restaurants and for all bakeries as the length accommodates all baking trays.

External dimensions: 
Length: 1000mm | Width: 440mm | Height: 816mm




OzTank - Medium Soak Tank




OzTank Soak Tank

This OZTANK was introduced as a go between, between our Small and Large tanks.

Suits all RSL’s,Clubs and Pubs who have a high weekly turnover of customers and need all their equipment soaked and cleaned and ready to go again.

External dimensions: 
Length: 1000mm | Width: 575mm | Height: 816mm



OzTank - Large Soak Tank 



OzTank Soak Tank


Used extensively in large food manufacturing plants, Large bakeries as well as food outlets servicing 4000 people per week. Fits most  pieces of equipment in and more….

External dimensions: 
Length: 1100mm | Width: 575mm | Height: 896mm


Specialist tank sizes can also be made to suit your individual requirements.


Find out more about Oz Tank’s stainless steel, double skinned soak tank system


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