Why the WD-7 passthrough dishwasher should be in every kitchen!

The WD-7 is a large passthrough hood type dishwasher but it is also a smaller footprint Potwasher. Combining Reliability and flexibility makes it perfect for small to medium size washrooms.

It allows washing not just for plates, glasses, cutlery but also larger items such as Euro baking trays, stock pots, serving trays, mixing bowls and GN trays.


Unique features that any washroom will benefit from:

  • Simply move the lever to change between Normal dishwashing to Pot washing mode.
  • 3 easy selectable programs to clean - heavily soiled normal soiled and lightly soiled dishes.
  • It can fit 500mm Square or 500mm x 600mm baskets and can even fit - 5 x 1/1 GN trays.
  • A unique Tilting hood, allows steam to rise up towards the back of the machine and away from the operator.
  • ECO-FLOW (optional) Saves Energy and improves drying time by using the steam and heat from the previous wash cycle.
  • Only uses 2.5ltrs / cycle, which is very economical for a Pot washer.
  • The insulated hood is standard, while there is the option for automatic hood opening and closing as well as auto start, which means the operator simply slides in the basket, no more lifting the hood up & down.
  • Wash arm designed to prevent clogging and maximising spray pattern.
  • Automatic cleaning Program and space wash area makes for a more Hygienic dishwasher.
  • Deep Drawn wash tank and sieves to help keep wash water cleaner for longer.
  • Service access from front of the unit, which Reduces service time and therefore costs.



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30th January 2024

Moffat | Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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