The Convotherm maxx - just what you need

Whether it's foodservice or the snack business, success depends on many factors: the right concept, the right product range, the right timing – and not insignificantly, on the right tools.

That’s where the new Convotherm maxx comes in.

It offers you everything you need to be successful. Not too much, not too little. German engineering for a surprisingly small price.

  • Speed and efficiency for cooking and baking
  • Uniform, high-quality results
  • Simple operation and cutting-edge technology
  • Economical operating costs and outstanding
  • environmental friendliness
  • Robust reliability and a long service life


Climate Management

The right climate in the cooking chamber is decisive for cooking and baking. Automatic or controlled individually – the Convotherm maxx ensures that every type of baked good or cooked food is reliably given the right amount of moisture, thanks to an exceptionally sophisticated steam saturation control system. If crispy crusts are also required, precisely meter the hot air and moisture removal to provide perfect results.


Production Management

No matter whether fully automatic or manual mode, whether single or mixed loads – many intelligent features enable the Convotherm maxx to ensure that you maintain a total overview, even with the most complex processes. That means you can work efficiently and with clear focus as well as with less stress.


Quality Management

The best cooking and baking results are not a coincidence, but are instead obtained with the help of the special functions the Convotherm maxx features: refined sensor technology, exceptionally well-thought-out air flow as well as an intelligent, individually programmable interaction of steam, hot air and time for every food – the Convotherm maxx ensures optimal quality.


Cleaning Management

Perfect cleanliness is indispensable in cooking and baking. That’s why the Convotherm maxx is equipped with a fully automatic and especially simple, reliable and environmentally friendly
cleaning system that is even certified for unattended operation. What’s more, the innovative HygieniCare package provides an extra plus for hygiene in the kitchen.


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21st June 2022

Moffat | Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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