Rancilio Classe 7 – The essence of technology

With absolute reliability, the Rancilio Classe 7 has a winning personality.

This traditional espresso machine is the most versatile commercial coffee machine group in the market, manufactured from brushed stainless steel, designed with sleek lines and is highly innovative.

The most high-tech version and is fitted with USB technology, supports fast and exact management of the main machine settings. The keypad features white LED-backlit icons, making the machine highly ergonomic.

The insulated boiler in the Rancilio Classe 7 machine delivers energy savings of 20% in stand-by mode and the automatic on/off function improves its eco-friendly performance. The Steady Brew patented thermal control system improves and supports stable water temperature during extraction. It guarantees excellent thermal precision and maximises consistency in every cup.

Available from two to three group brewing unit options, with an iSteam choice.

Standard Features:

  • Tall deck to accommodate tall cups up to 145mm (about 5.71 in)
  • Includes retractable tray for espresso cups
  • Steady Brew patented heat exchanger technology for outstanding temperature control
  • Single hot water button with start/stop dosing for full control
  • LCD display with digital shot timer function
  • ABM advanced boiler management for outstanding steam pressure control and recovery
  • Ergonomic filter holder for comfortable all-day operation
  • C-Lever – quarter turn steam tap features two positions: purge (down) or fully open (up)
  • Hydro hub – integrated manifold for precise water delivery and distribution
  • Multifunction onboard computer and USB port for simple programming and data transfer
  • Independent water pump and steam pressure control gauges keep you in control
  • Built-in volumetric rotary vane water pump for simple and safe installation
  • Steam boiler pressure control with mechanical pressure stat
  • Automated cleaning program simplifies your daily clean


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2nd August 2022

Moffat | Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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