Giorik Kore: Premium Oven Performance in a Compact Footprint

Looking for a compact oven that performs like a large oven? Look no further than the Giorik Kore combi oven range from Stoddart! 

The Giorik Kore is loved by chefs around the world who demand the best results, whilst being compact enough to fit into even the smallest kitchen.


Compact Footprint

The 519mm footprint on the Giorik Kore is made possible by the placement of the touch screen and operational knob. This configuration makes the Kore slimmer than many of the compact combi ovens on the market.


Cooking Technologies 

The Giorik Kore from Stoddart, contains the same innovative boiler as the Steambox Evolution – which is the only compact combi oven on the market that has a boiler! Enjoy fast and high-quality steam generation with the Symbiotic Steam technology, which combines boiler generated steam with the ‘Instant Mode’.

Other patented technologies in the Giorik Kore, shared with the Steambox Evolution, include the patented Meteo System and Steam Tuner. The Meteo System allows for the fine tuning of the climactic conditions within the cooking chamber, while the Steam Tuner allows the user to adjust the quantity and quality of steam produced depending on the type of cooking result desired.


Touch Screen Operation 

The Giorik Kore features a generous 7” touch screen, with the same advanced programming features as the Steambox Evolution oven. The user can import and export thousands of recipes into the Giorik Kore via USB.


Cleaning System 

The Giorik Kore is easily maintained with the Automatic Wash System!  This can be initiated at the end of a cooking cycle or at the end of the day. The boiler is also automatically cleaned on a regular basis, which is one less manual cleaning job to do! 

The Giorik Kore range from Stoddart offers the choice of gas and electric ovens in two different sizing configurations. 

See full specifications and download documentation on the Giorik Kore on the Stoddart website today.




11th January 2022


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