Clean the Black Carbon on Black Friday!

Oz Tank’s stainless steel, double skinned soak tank system will save on the cost of labour, costly chemicals, water and electricity.


Don't Scrub It... Soak It!

OzTank Commercial Soaking Tanks Australia
  • The original and still No.1 soak tank system in the kitchen

  • Soak tanks are rented per month

  • Used by hotels, restaurants, bakeries, pubs and commercial kitchens

The continued use of cooking equipment without regular and thorough cleansing causes fat build up which soon turns into a carbon like crust becoming so hard that it is almost impossible to remove.

The Oz Tank soak system solves this problem quickly, efficiently and without harming the environment.


OzTank Commercial Soaking Tanks Australia

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25th November 2021

Oz Tank

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