How Digital Displays aid business adaptability

Uniwell Digital Displays

Clear and concise customer messaging has been of vital importance to hospitality and food retail venues as they have continually adapted their business model and adjusted product offerings since the advent of COVID-19. 

As the need for broad community restrictions has become evident at various points throughout the global pandemic, every food service venue around Australia has had to make daily decisions about their own operation, and then communicate these to their new and regular customers.

Social media has provided an efficient, cost-effective means of broadcasting the current status of many businesses, and this will continue to be an important tool for operators to keep their customers informed, as well as motivated to support venues to the extent possible at any given time.

In store, digital displays have also aided many venues to provide important information, promote their current status and aid in encouraging social distancing and safe practices.


Consider these 3 examples:

Uniwell Digital Displays

1. Digital Menu Boards 
allow you to add, modify or suspend menu items and change prices quickly and easily as costs or circumstances vary.


Uniwell Digital Displays

2. Customer Displays on your POS 
provide a focal point for you to promote products, services or events. You can also deliver important messages about your business operation to those waiting in the queue.


Uniwell Digital Displays

3. Order Number Displays 
promote social distancing as customers wait for their food order to be prepared, rather than needing to be in close proximity to hear their order number being called.



Bright, colourful screens help your message to stand out and be more easily understood while also promoting your business and fitting in with your branding, so consider whether adopting digital display technology will help you in your efforts to communicate and motivate your customers.




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11th November 2021

Uniwell POS Australia

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