WEGA - Capture the most authentic essence of Italian espresso

WEGA Coffee Machines Designed & Manufactured in Italy

A brand known in the industry for coffee excellence, innovation & reliability. With an impressive line up, WEGAs bring an easy to use coffee solution to each hospitality situation. 

Technologically advanced and high quality coffee machines distinguished by a mark equivalent to personality - created for baristas that love to express themselves with character, and always keeping a high level of reliability by a know-how developed over 30 years.


"We protect the espresso coffee quality by respecting the habit of consuming in different countries, to spread the sense of the most authentic tradition."

Wega Urban - Coffee Works Express Wega Polaris TRON - Coffee Works Express
WEGA Urban WEGA Polaris TRON
Urban design, modern lines and cutting edge technology, with the ability to 
adapt to any need.
Aerodynamic and futuristic with a new backlit keypad system and RGB LEDs to add to the side panel.



Wega Airy - Coffee Works Express Wega IO - Coffee Works Express
Versatile and practical, with interchangeable coloured side panels
to blend into to any space and design.
Set up both for the inner tank with vibration pump and for connection to the water mains.



Wega Pegaso - Coffee Works Express Wega Mininova 2 Group - Coffee Works Express
WEGA Pegaso WEGA Mininova 2 Group
Four programmable doses per group, with manual brewing button and two chromed steam wands. Suspended shapes leave room for large and ergonomic work areas and a wide range of customisations.



Wega Mininova Classic - Coffee Works Express  
WEGA Mininova
Completed by the retro’ style Classic (EMA) version with a single fully exposed group head set.  






Established in 1998, CWE is an independent importer and distributor of premium coffee systems, supplying equipment solutions and technical service to the hospitality industry, coffee roasters, corporate and domestic markets.



7th October 2021

Coffee Works Express : Espresso Machines, Roasters & Grinders

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