Our Tips in dealing with hardened Bread

Bread is one of the most consumed foods in the world. Morning, noon, evening, as an accompaniment or in the dish, it is essential for all meals. However, this product that you love to buy while still hot and steaming hardens quickly!

When caring for the environment, it is unthinkable to throw away food (even dry bread).

A hard bread is not a “done-for” bread, and here are a few tips on how to give it a second life:

Don't throw it away. Cook!

Obviously, we do not throw away hard bread, here are some tips to revive your old loaves:

Homemade toast. Easy to make, cut the stale bread into slices or croutons, then put it in the oven with a little olive oil. Ideally store in an airtight box.

Old fashioned breadcrumbs. Used for centuries, this culinary product comes down to a mixture of bread crumbs. You can get it by mixing your dry bread with bread chicken, fish or cordon bleu. Store these breadcrumbs in a cool, dry place, inside a jar with a bay leaf.

French toast (a great classic). Soak your hard bread for a few minutes in a milk-sugar-egg mixture. Fry them in a hot buttered pan to obtain a delicious dish that will delight young and old.

Nothing like a good soup. Crush your loaves of bread in a homemade organic soup made from local and seasonal vegetables: this is an excellent solution not to throw away dry bread while warming up in winter and providing nutritional balance without making you fat.

Conservation tips

Technical tip: never leave your bread in the open and favour canvas bags, which happens to be the best solution to keep a nice crust and a tender crumb. You can even add a piece of potato or celery to it!

If your bread is starting to harden, but you still want to consume it, give it a little tenderness by moistening it slightly, then placing it in the oven for 5 minutes at 60°C, wrapped in aluminium foil. This simple trick makes a notable difference.

The best conservation advice is the freezer. After buying your baguette, cut the part you are going to eat immediately and freeze the rest in an airtight bag. 

We hope we’ve helped you with all our nifty bread tips and tricks.


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20th April 2021

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