Why Engaging with your Customers is more important than ever

Customer loyalty has long been the ‚Äėholy grail‚Äô of hospitality.
The old saying is true ‚Äď it really is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one.

However, it’s no longer enough to consider whether a diner will consider returning to your venue, but also whether they are motivated enough to recommend you to others, either via online endorsement or personally. 

An important means of generating meaningful customer engagement opportunities can be derived through developing a data-driven loyalty and promotion program. But what can you achieve and how can you go about it?


Build your base of regular customers



  It’s easier to keep an existing customer than it is to find a new one.  Developing ways to motivate customers to return to your business regularly is an excellent  means of increasing sales.



  Use a combination of incentives, staff prompts, in-house advertising at the point of sale & social media to encourage customers to join a rewards program that offers them tangible benefits.


Increase average customer transaction values



  You can boost revenue without necessarily getting more customers by finding ways to increase the average amount spent each time someone visits your business.




Develop a series of value-add opportunities such as ‚Äėupsize‚Äô prompts, meal deals and other promotions, and communicate these to your customer base through¬† targeted marketing.


Grow your gift card business


¬† Gift cards are a fantastic way to be pre-paid for future sales, virtually ensuring forthcoming business. The money is in your bank ‚Äď not theirs!





Utilise traditional plastic or eGift cards that are activated and the purchased value stored online. While, in the past, handling gift card sales and redemption has presented vendors with operational challenges, many modern online gift card and loyalty solutions provide an easy to use and manage system.


Improve the success of targeted promotions



  Customers are more likely to take up promotions for products associated with those they already use or that relate to their interests.





Build an extensive database of customer activity that allows you to develop meaningful promotions and market them to customers most likely to take advantage of your offer. You can also communicate new products or services to customers who demonstrate an existing related interest.


Promote special events, products or services




  Successful innovation requires strong promotion. The more effectively you can communicate  special events, new or under-utilised products & services, the better your chances are of receiving maximum reward for your efforts.




Use a combination of marketing campaigns to your customer base, along with in-store advertising and staff promotion to publicise and incentivise your innovations. 




It is important to have a clear understanding of what the latest customer engagement platforms are capable of and how venues can best utilise them to their advantage.




Uniwell POS Australia has been working with IQ Gecko, an Australian developed loyalty and gift card platform with over 15 years of industry experience that can drive business success.

Our latest seamless integration provides powerful engagement tools that can help businesses of all sizes to increase interaction and offer relevant, targeted promotions to their customer base. If you would like to know more about this exciting program, please contact Uniwell POS Australia.




10th February 2021

Uniwell POS Australia

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