Heavy Duty Modular Cooking from American Range

A piece of commercial kitchen equipment needs to withstand the daily heavy use – cooking, frying, baking, grilling.

Their work does not stop until the kitchen closes.

Businesses cannot afford time-wise and financially for their equipment to break down or not keep up with their demands.



Meet American Range

Designed for the Australian market, American Range is a heavy-duty commercial range of cooking equipment.




Passion and innovation focused Stoddart to partner with American Range to develop the entire range from the ground up. The sleek, modular design allows for both front of house & back of house applications.

American Range is a market leader in North America, providing commercial kitchen lineups for demanding environments. 

The range of products in the modular commercial kitchen equipment range includes various sized oven and combination oven ranges – including the patented Innovection™ technology – boiling tops, cooking griddles, commercial char grills, combination griddle and salamander units and commercial fryers.

The sizing of the American Range offering, alongside Stoddart’s Electrolux 700XP and 900XP range, provides a variety of sizing to suit various kitchen setups.

Some of the innovations in the range include the Innovection™ Oven Range, which uses a specially designed air distribution system to allow for even heat distribution and speed in cooking.

The American Range Oven Ranges also feature a removable oven door, making the task of cleaning the oven that much easier!



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8th December 2020


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